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Some of our EASY-To-Use Features:
  • Keep track of any symptom with duration and intensity levels for any area of the body, with over 15,000 to choose from, or just create your own!
  • Keep track of what medications you are taking and if you have taken it.
  • Create groups of medications for ease of tracking and viewing.
  • Track time of last dose taken.
  • Easy to use!
  • Notes for every symptom and log.
  • Set the standard dosage quantity per medication.
  • Handles partial doses.
  • Monitor the triggers (chemicals, weather, stress, etc.) and treatment for each symptom.
  • Track pharmacies and Rx numbers.
  • Automatically calculates BMI when you track your weight.
  • Entire FDA medication list (over 11,000 and growing, updated weekly).
  • Shortcut TakeADoseā„¢ menu when logging a symptom with the same name as a medication group.
  • Special behavior for pain-related symptoms.
  • Create graphs of your log information.
  • Any Diagnosis can be tracked, with over 14,500 to choose from, or create your own!
  • Reports provide clear, easy-to-understand lists and summaries.
  • Track doctors, including what they have prescribed.
  • Lots of help and documentation.
And Much, Much More...
On The Way...
  • More extensive help and documentation.
  • Track remaining refills, last refill date and original fill date.
  • Track doctors full contact info.
  • Setup wizard to help you get started easily.
  • Better mobile support.
  • iPhone application
  • Schedule your dose times and amounts.
  • Visual pain location picker
  • Create custom email alerts for missed doses.
  • Allow multiple profiles
  • Export data to CSV, XLS, etc...
  • Calendar view
  • Illness tracker
  • Track meds taken on a non-daily basis (i.e. as-needed, weekly, monthly or yearly)
So Much To Do...
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