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Until now, there was no place to track your health issues that was made just for you.

The PainMinder™ website was conceived as a way for people to keep track of their health needs in a very simple, easy-to-use way.

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PainMinder™ HeartFor My Beloved Wife

PainMinder™ was created by a geek for his beloved wife who suffers from migraines and chronic pain.

...for Love...
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What does this website do?
    PainMinder allows you to track the medications you take, any symptoms you may experience and log most anything at all. There are reports and graphs that let you explore your data and share it with your doctor.
  • What about my privacy?
    Your privacy is VERY important to us - no name is required in order to join. We only ask for age verification and your postal code.
  • What does it cost to join?
    Our site is free and always will be. There will eventually be premium services available for a fee.
  • How do I get help?
    The best way to get support is to email us at
  • What about ads and banners?
    Right now we are banner and ad-free. We hope to stay that way.
  • Why does it look funny?
    This website REQUIRES Javascript to be enabled. Also, please view our website in a browser OTHER than Internet Explorer. Try FireFox!
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A Member's Comment...
"It's been working great. It really helps me keep track of the pain which is esp.important right now since I am going to the new dr on the 26th and it helps me remember to take my meds every day cause sometimes I'd forget."

-- Robin D. --

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This site is not intended to be a substitute for a relationship with your physician. We hope to empower you with more information to enhance that partnership.

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